Wednesday, September 13, 2006


Evil Processes encouraged by Enterprise Architects

The word customer is being abused in corporate America. Lately there is a trend of Enterprise Architecture teams to think of themselves as customers...

One of the most sinister practices is in large shops where there is the perception that they have a well-defined infrastructure and they want to ensure that application/software architects use the infrastructure in an efficient manner. They of course erect tons of processes but never engage in meaningful conversations amongst diverse perspectives.

Whenever an enterprise doesn't acknowledge people over process they will more than likely get it twisted and cause bloat in both infrastructure and applications while reducing the productivity of both. Enterprises going down this path may need to take a pause and ask the question what can infrastructure folks do to take better advantage of applications?

Ever wonder why web 2.0 sites can support millions of users on just a few servers while enterprises have thousands of servers yet suffer from performance issues? Some may be of the belief that most enterprises have scaled not only their infrastructure too big but the people as well and therefore can't get access to those of a higher caliber. I am of the belief that while this may be true, the bigger problem is that most folks mistake process for architecture...

Anyway, the best thing that infrastructure types can do is engage in a face-to-face conversation with software types. Process is secondary to people and don't allow infrastructure folks to ever consider software folks as customers...

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