Saturday, September 16, 2006


Enterprise Architecture and the Perspective of another enterprise...

I had an interesting conversation yesterday with an architect who works for the Aetna regarding a case study on my employer and our EA practices. The intriguing comment he made was that he seemed excited to have talked with another VP in IT as if this is a rare event in their shop.

In my latest trip to Home Depot to purchase a battery and charger for my cordless saw, an architect from Cigna also echoed the same sentiments. I guess I never really thought about talking to a VP, SVP or even an EVP as in our culture this happens pretty much every day for architects. I guess when indexing my employer against others we are way ahead of the curve in the human aspects of technology.

NOTE: The person at both the Aetna and Cigna have never talked with an SVP in four years...

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