Thursday, September 21, 2006


Enterprise Architecture and Stuck on Stupid...

Last week, I was on a conference call where one participant constantly apologized for not being technical. I wonder if stupid is the new smart?

My initial reaction was to tell him to stop apologizing and start studying but the political correctness demon in my brain kept prodding me to be a better citizen. Lately, I think there is some merit to this behavior. This week, I will attempt an expiriment on my peers by telling them don't worry about feeling stupid and instead worry about not feeling stupid.

I know that when I absolutely feel confident that I know something the odds increase dramatically that I am either wrong (this applies to most folks but not to myself) or that I really do know a lot and it is time to move on and learn something new. In other words, I should embrace stupid as a methodology.

Way too many times we operate within our zone of comfort. Maybe shaking this up could be good for both enterprise architects and their employers. What if the Ruby community allowed me to start committing code to the rails framework? What if I were to speak at an upcoming Agile conference on the merits of Waterfall? Could I convince others that my ideas were worthy of further consideration or would I need to continuously apologize?

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