Monday, September 25, 2006


Enterprise Architecture and the Calendar Full of Meetings...

It is amazing the amount of meetings enterprise architects attend. We all rant that most of them are of nebulous value. Here are several things to do while sitting in a boring meeting...

I ran across an interesting practice by the folks at ObjectMentor that encourages folks to leave a meeting when bored. You have that right as an attendee. It's your time. It is one of the odd rules that could never possibly work, but seems to. The funny thing is lots of folks on the down-low acknowledge this practice but what if we made it an act above the radar?

The reason that this works is that when meeting organizers know that people can leave when board, they will put the most important stuff first. They will also ask themselves why are they having the meeting in the first place. Finally, they will be judicious in whom they invite and eschew the current shotgun approaches of inviting folks purely for representation purposes.

Maybe I will bring up this idea in our Friday staff meeting? Maybe if I mention it, folks will simply leave while I am suggesting it...

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