Wednesday, September 06, 2006


Enterprise Architecture and the Assumption of Ignorance

An IT executive I highly respect on multiple occasions has said to me that I should assume ignorance and not malice when it comes to problems I face. I figured I would eloborate on this notion...

Sometimes things go wrong in enterprises where folks in enterprises get things twisted. Sometimes the best course of action is a face to face conversation over running to their own bosses and doing the escalation thing. Sometimes, no matter how strange the things folks do, they may actually be attempting to be helpful. Sometimes attempts to be helpful are misinterpreted to be attempts to interfere.

Some of us with big egos ourselves get it twisted and mistake ignorance for stupidity. Ignorance refers to a lack of knowledge or awareness while stupidity indicates a lack of intelligence or an inability to learn. Sometimes, our own ignorance can make us stupid.

The best course of action is to assume good intention and simply resort to being insightful instead inciteful...

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