Tuesday, September 12, 2006


Crap we learn in school (Part Two)

Last week I blogged about Crap we learn in school. Today, I am writing a note to my son's teacher regarding fundraising activities and more crap they teach in school...

My son came home with a fundraising kit from the local PTA. He was looking forward to earning toys for selling the most prizes when I had to teach him what charitable acts are really all about.

The kit contained instructions for the parents indicating that kids are too young to go door-to-door within their neighborhood but that the parent's should take the kits to work with them. Should we teach this at a young age? This is kinda what non-technical management within most IT shops do today? No wonder we are losing our jobs to India.

Anyway, I wrote a letter to his teacher indicating that my son can take part in charitable acts such as carwashes but he would not participate in any materialistic act such as selling overpriced goods of questionable value in which the school only gets a tiny portion of the revenue. Instead, I suggested to the teacher that they can make out a list of goods the classroom needs and I would instead make his charitable act by shopping on officedepot.com.

Charity should be all about helping others and not necessarily receiving stuff out of it for yourself with the exception of knowing that you are making God happy. We need to start instilling the proper values into our school children. Any Republican's out there that want to assist in getting our school systems untwisted?

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