Sunday, August 06, 2006


Survey Results: Peace in the Middle East

The results are in on the survey Peace in the Middle East. If you haven't taken it, you may do so before August 15th. Anyway, now it is time to start throwing daggers...

I wonder if folks such as Rush Limbaugh, Michael Savage or even Sean Hannity have enough courage to talk about a perspective not mentioned in the media? I suspect they are more than capable of pontificating their rants and screeds for all to hear for a good half hour on whether the survey was conducted by someone with a background in empirical research or not. They will also further babble along about many of the questions either being leading or incomplete. I wonder if they are capable of acknowledging that an alternative perspective exists or at least minimally that regardless of the methodology it at least uncovered an ounce of truth that isn't well discussed. Being a believer of putting my money where my mouth is, I will donate $100 to charity if any of the above folks discuss it on their radio show without throwing daggers!

Some of the results are enlightening. About 1/2 of all respondents when asked: Do you think non-white Americans have the same sentiment towards Israel as white Americans? said no. I bet you would never hear this discussed by folks such as Joe Lieberman. Over 70% of the respondents would also love to hear more about the Christian perspective in Israel and how many of them were displaced.

The most telling statistic is when asked: Should the US provide humanitarian aid to citizens of Lebanon who are not members of Hezbollah? over 70% said yes. Do you think the US Congress has enough balls to seek justice in this regard?

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