Thursday, August 17, 2006


Service Oriented Consulting & Industry Analysis

For those who aren't aware, Brenda Michelson has started her own industry analyst firm. In the spirit of transparency, she has laid out how rules of engagement. Imagine what would happen if the large analyst firms did the same...

I predict that Brenda will be wildly successful because she has a real value proposition for the enterprise. She has taken the best principles of industry analysis from the folks at Redmonk but actually managed to navigate away from the vendor-oriented hey not another product we don't need mindset that is so pervasive amongst analysts. It is somewhat easy to sit back and be briefed by vendors but to figure out truly what enterprises need independent of products solving a particular problem, requires one to actually do some analysis.

There are several topics that industry analysts simply haven't covered in the past but that she will more than likely be all over. Imagine if analysts starting covering some of the below spaces:

Anyway, I hope that others within the enterprise will read and more importantly support the valuable work that Brenda is attempting to pursue. I know that she has my attention...

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