Friday, August 11, 2006


Industry Analysts: Please consolidate vs. going independent

This is a request to industry analysts to pay more attention to the trends in our field and to consider listening to your own advice...

I have recently learned that yet another industry analyst I have respect for has departed their analyst firm and decided to strike out on their own. This becomes highly problematic for me as I like most other folks in corporate America are attempting to reduce the amount of vendor relationships we maintain. Maintaining relationships with vendors takes a lot of time and in order for the enterprise to gain efficiencies and some amount of increased productivity, we have to reduce the number of vendors on our vendor list.

By fragmenting the industry analyst space, I am forced to not only avoid getting great advice and have to settle for the bland repeat-after-me buzzword babble but compromise our own enterprise at some level by not having access to the absolute best and brightest minds available.

So my appeal is very simple. If you are an industry analyst and are frustrated with producing crap for your analyst firm and what to stake out on your own so you can have the freedom to do something meaningful and with more integrity, do not do so! Well, maybe you could at least consider joining forces with some of the other analysts that have already done so.

For Christmas this year, maybe Santa will bring me a present that is nicely wrapped and includes Redmonk, ElementalLinks, 451 Group, ZapThink, Robert Frances and Nemertes all under one vendor. One can suggest but my wishes haven't been coming true lately...

Anyway, finally some truth in the media...

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