Tuesday, August 15, 2006


Final Results: Survey on Enterprise Architecture and Software Development

On the chance that you haven't yet taken this survey you should do so immediately as it closes today...

For those that did take the survey, the results are available here. I suspect that most folks will throw daggers except for industry analysts who will remain notoriously quiet. In the spirit of charity, I am willing to put $100 on the table for a worthy organization: Stand to Reason if any blogger offers a 100% positive, thoughtful detailed analysis of the results.

My take on the results is that I am not alone in thinking that Ruby on Rails isn't worthy of building enterprise applications. I wonder what David would say?

In terms of the worst story on open source, Oracle seems to have the lead over Microsoft. I know that Microsoft contributes to a variety of projects. I would love to see Ellison and the expensive industry analyst firms start telling what Oracle does in the open source camp? Maybe they could hire RedMonk to help?

Likewise, many folks feel that Smalltalk is either irrelevant or don't even understand its value proposition. It would be wonderful for James Robertson to share his thinking towards why folks should still care about the language.

Good to see that folks also appreciate the importance of secure coding practices yet feel that industry analysts will only babble about products and not problem spaces. It would be good to revisit this topic six months from now and see if any of them have taken deliberate action to prove the survey participants wrong. I suspect they are too busy rationalizing their own behavior over listening to the public at large.

Likewise the one characteristic that is missing from today's IT management is the lack of strong technical leadership. In the past I have only heard one industry anayst: Brenda Michelson have enough courage to call out the root cause of most problems in corporate America. I wonder if I could persuade Alex Cullen of Forrester to do an in-depth study on this problem space?

Would love to hear the opinion of others...

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