Friday, July 28, 2006


Why software vendors don't love Enterprise Architects...

Ever noticed in the blogosphere that bloggers who work for software vendors never seem to list their customers in their blogroll...

You would think that if an architect from a Fortune enterprise were openly blogging that many software vendors would attempt to pick his brain for how to better sell to large enterprises. This hasn't happened. Minimally, they might attempt to at least add you to their blogroll but sadly I am the stepchild in the vendor community.

Maybe the problem isn't me but the vendors. The bloggers that I read savagely such as Kim Cameron, Pat Patterson, Eric Newcomer, Mark Little, Ashish Jain, Dick Hardt, David Chappell, James Robertson, Sara Gates and Don Box seem to only list other vendors. From what I can tell, they haven't even listed a single, uno, one actual end-user customer. Do their employers forbid them from talking to us customers virtually or otherwise?

I wonder if they haven't realized that humans love their names and that is one tactic to gain buy-in for the ideas they represent? I wonder why they list other vendors on their blogroll at all? You can't sell them things? You can steal ideas from them? I guess it is all about transparency?

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