Friday, July 14, 2006


The Six Things I would love to see from Microsoft...

I wonder if an enterprise architect for a Fortune 100 enterprise if he asks for things publicly, will Microsoft actually consider granting his wish?

Here are the six things I would love for someone from Microsoft to respond to:

1. The CodePlex project is brilliant. The ability to enable a community of developers for code-sharing is powerful. I know you have critics such as Matt Asay and Dave Rosenberg that is of the belief that you are attempting to undermine the open source community but I am a big believer that you have something bigger planned. Today, open source is still all about software vendors. Tomorrow, you may enable open source to become all about customers and the code they provide for themselves. Imagine a day where say everyone in the financial services industry vertical starts developing applications for themselves in a collaborative manner without the assistance of vendors and Microsoft has been the enabler of this. Please don't listen to the hype put out by much of the open source community as they are not spokepeople for us all.

2. We know in the underground that you have a team dedicated to GNU Linux but never hear from them in the blogosphere. What are they up to? What do they think are the most important things the community should consider to make Linux better? Are they working on a way that Linux could participate in Active Directory? Us customers would love this.

3. In thinking about CodePlex, I do think though you should get dinged for not making CodePlex itself open source. You should fix this asap.

4. Imagine if Microsoft Exchange had built in Identity Based Encryption. You could not only show leadership for how secure email could be done and one up every single open source system including sendmail and postfix but would actually assist in helping smaller businesses not leak personally identifiable information in their communications with outside parties. After all, we know that identity theft is on the rise and this could make a significant dent in the problem space. I know that Pat Patterson has noodled this.

5. In thinking about the above, I wonder what it would take for Kim Cameron to start blogging about identity-based encryption externally along with evangelizing its potential internal to Microsoft. What would happen if identity-based encryption were core to say Active Directory and enterprises could use that approach instead of rolling out certificate services?

6. Visual Studio is one of the most powerful development environments around. Why are you taking so long to displace Eclipse? Wouldn't it be cool if there were a way for the Java community to plug into Visual Studio and place all resulting code on CodePlex?

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