Wednesday, July 26, 2006


Should industry analysts who blog become more quantitative?

Should industry analysts who blog become more quantitative? I should ask this question of myself as well...

Last month for work purposes I needed a survey engine to collect feedback from fellow architects and chose Survey Monkey but I forgot to cancel the subscription and it charged me for another month. Figuring that I shouldn't let it go to waste, I thought I could do two things.

1. I would ask the community to take a survey I created in hopes of providing quantification on the many things I tend to blog about and would ask a variety of questions regarding Ruby on Rails, Enterprise Architecture, SOA, industry analysts and other topics. I have posted the survey here.

2. I would also create surveys for others in the community that wanted to also solicit metrics from their peers on whatever was of interest to them. Simply drop me an email or trackback to this posting along with the questions you would like to ask and I will oblige.

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