Thursday, July 06, 2006


Making your point...

James Robertson critiques my blog. I wonder how it gets things so twisted...

Lets analyze his commentary:

IT folks need to stop being so serious. One can learn alternative perspectives in a variety of ways. If images distract you then you can choose to not look at them. In the blogosphere there is no audience only folks who can freely choose which channels of information they choose to listen to or ignore. I would say though that several bloggers have indicated that imagery is a good thing. Check out this blogger's comments.

Maybe the main reason folks are getting it twisted is the fact that I don't blog for money, public relations or any other reason than to simply share my thoughts. I guess with so many consultants attempting to use the blogosphere as advertising and to find their next gig along with folks from software companies who are forced to participate in a larger community so as to not be commoditized, I am of neither demographic.

Likewise, while I am a book author you may have noted that unlike other authors such as Dave Taylor, I rarely if ever even mention this fact. You may have even noticed that I don't even attempt to sell my books or do any form of promotion. While you are checking out Dave's blog and others, you will notice that there is no trackback capability. Of course some will complain about SPAM but the real issue is more about practicing command and control than in engaging in a meaningful dialog.

I must say that I am offended to hear the images contained in my blog to be referred to as nonsense. There are several things that are nonsense discussed in the blogosphere far more important than the types of images I choose to include. Maybe we can start a discussion (via trackback of course) on more meaningful subjects. Here are some ideas:

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