Saturday, July 08, 2006


Interesting questions on the economics of Outsourcing

I haven't asked questions on outsourcing in a long time and am curious if anyone knows the answers...

1. There are tons of statistics that state outsourcing of jobs is good for the economy. I would love to know if anywhere I can locate statistics on folks who have had their jobs outsourced as to when they find a new job whether it pays more or less?

2. Are there any Fortune 500 enterprises that have taken a deliberate stance against outsourcing of jobs to other countries?

3. In the past I have indicated a belief that discrimination still exists in outsourcing firms. I will pay $50 to each and every instance to a charity of mutual agreement where one can identify a person that is of any of the following groups (American Indian, Hispanic, African American) that is currently employed by an India based outsourcing firm in a US office and has been an employee for more than two years in a position that pays more than $75K a year.

4. Do industry analysts ever think about coverage of outsourcing may result in their own jobs going offshore?

5. Folks from India who participate in the blogosphere tend to have a different perspective on outsourcing than the rest of the planet. What questions should I be asking that I haven't already asked?

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