Wednesday, July 12, 2006


How America ruins other countries...

Figured I would share my thoughts on my vacation in Trinidad...

I used to love to travel to Trinidad as the country had high moral standings. I can sympathize with Iraqi's killing american soldiers on some level as they don't want the filth that America provides such as pornography, spouses openly cheating, etc. It seems as if my country is ruined. The local cable provider now takes a feed of satellite from the United States and shows many of the disgusting immoral TV shows we have here. In Trinidad, one used to get arrested for having "blues" movies but now they too have adopted the worse in us.

What was interesting is that they now also have an Irish cell phone company (Digicel) that seems to have brought in the need for everyone to have a cell phone. Its popularity has caught on more than in the states. Pretty much everyone I ran across had a better phone than I. Many people actually had two cell phones due to how cheap they are providing them for. You can get a cell phone for about $5US with no monthly contract.

I think the most disappointing experience though had to be around food. I used to love to eat at Royal Castle and KFC as chicken in Trinidad used to rock. It was a place where chickens didn't take chemicals and only ate vegetables such as corn, rice,etc. Additionally, chickens in the major restaurants were halal. When I went into KFC and I took my first bite, it actually tasted like chicken here (disgusting). In researching the issue, the country is following the same doomed economic path that America did when we killed our farming industry by selling out to large corporations. Chickens are no longer grown by local small farmers who previously couldn't afford chemicals and the only choice was to grow close to organic as possible.

I am thinking about starting an advertisting campaign in Trinidad Newspapers (Guardian) in hopes of educating citizens of Trinidad so that they won't follow the same path of evil Americans...

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