Sunday, July 30, 2006


Heroism and Hezbollah and why I openly support them!

I live and was born in the United States. Am I supposed to automatically favor Israel because some government idiots think I should?

While I am labelled an American, I am a citizen of the planet earth which gives me the right ato believe that freedom and justice for all includes both Lebanese and Israelis equally. I am not sure why I should give a crap about Israel and their plight.

One thing that occured to me is that during the early days of Israeli occupation of Lebanon when the Israeli army started bombing innocent Lebanese citizens that Jewish people in Lebanon came to their aid. One could read that Jewish people in Lebanon have a peaceful relationship with Christians and Muslims there and that this isn't really about religion. One could also assume that Jewish people in Lebanon are more capable of humanitarian acts than their Israeli counterparts which says I should prefer Lebanon folks over Israeli folks.

On the news I heard an interesting statistic that broke down the kill rates in Iraq by race. The numbers showed a trend where blacks in Iraq are being killed significantly less than whites in terms of a ratio. One could assume that blacks have either a sixth sense when it comes to danger or that they simply are smarter in some situations than other races but that would be inappropriate to think. The person giving the news was white and did hint that Iraqi's do understand racial dynamics in America and are actually targeting folks they feel are oppressing them and only shooting others in supposed self-defense.

If you apply the same sort of statistic perspective to Israel, I think the same pattern exists. There are Jewish people who are lilly white, those who are blacker that a 150 million midnights and every shade in between. There are Jewish people that originate from countries such as Yemen. Likewise there are Jewish people who originate from countries in Europe. Statistically speaking, over 98% of all Jewish people killed in so-called terrorism acts have lineage through Europe and not other countries.

My take on this issue is that maybe this isn't about religion but aligns more to something that happened in America when Europeans first arrived when native Americans fought back to not see their land taken from them. In the days of slavery, there was one slave named Nat Turner who ran around taking off heads and attempted to organize others. History tells his story as one of the few who attempted to fight in this manner. If slavery existed in 2006 and he attempted to do the same thing nowadays, history may tell the story differently. After all, we have gotten much better in putting spins on things and the notion of public relations didn't exist then.

Have you checked out this survey? Anyway, I am firm in my belief that the hostilities in the Middle East have absolutely zero to do with anything religious in nature and that religion is anecdotal. I would love for someone to tell me why Hezbollah, Hamas and others simply aren't following in the path of Nat Turner...

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