Saturday, July 01, 2006


Beware of the Agilites

The Angry Architect brought up several points regarding agile methods that folks should noodle...

Over the last several years I have commented in my blog that I thought the Agile Manifesto was a good piece of work that every enterprise architect should read every single day but yet have always been troubled by another aspect of agile approaches.

I suspect that if I refer to the original creators of the agile manifesto as a club they may go into defense mode. Maybe they could tell us why none of the original members worked for large enterprises, the federal government, large consulting firms and so on. While the work was good, was this in rebellion to something else?

Do they believe in the manifesto enough to help large consulting firms also adopt agile methods? Do they think that agile will save America and therefore this is the reason that they are savage in keeping it away from India outsourcers?

The angry architect in this blog entry makes some great points. Hopefully the original agilist members don't mind starting a discussion in the blogosphere and not want to take it to other online forums where they can practice command and control...

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