Sunday, July 02, 2006


Are most enterprise architects republicans?

While my blog is not focused on politics, I have always been curious if many of my fellow enterprise architects are republican and most importantly why?

Many folks have gotten it twisted in thinking that since I am firm in my belief that George Bush is an idiot, that I somehow must be democratic. Just because someone is anti one side doesn't make them pro the other. For the record, I am a member of the less laws political party which makes me neither democratic nor republican!

America needs a new political system and who better than me to bring it. If I were elected President I would at least bring the discipline of enterprise architecture to the federal government and move it well beyond its current practice of hiring insulting firms to create massive amounts of documentation that is of nebulous value. I may even legislate the creation of open source software by the federal government itself and support charities such as Ruby on Rails.

Imagine if George Bush started blogging? Some would say that's what he does daily. Anyway, I am planning for the long weekend and figured I needed to wind down and not think about technology nor how industry analysts are abusing it. Instead, I will focus in on playing with my tool. I went to Home Depot today to purchase a finishing nailer so that I could stop bashing my fingers with the hammer in attempts to actually finish my basement which I started remodeling last year. Maybe someone could publish a book on agile basement remodeling...

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