Wednesday, June 21, 2006


Thoughts on Wipro and Indian Outsourcing Firms

I ran across an interesting link on Wipro and wanted to know what others think...

wiprohas decided to also write commercial grade BPM software and compete with their partners. The product name is FlowBrix.

"Flow-briX is a complete BPM framework available in both J2EE and.NET platforms. With its unique customizability approach, we have been instrumental in offering best-in-class BPM /Workflow solutions to diversified market segments starting from Banking to Telecom, Media, Health Care and so on."

Folks such as Jeff Schneider would think that Wipro doing such a thing is a really bad move as the perspective of competing against a partner has traditionally proved unwise. I am of the belief that this is actually a good thing. Consulting firms need to not just "partner" with vendors and develop expertise in specific products but also need to show that they truly understand given problem-space so deeply that they could actually write the product themselves. This form of leadership shows capability that their competitors simply don't have in-house.

I wonder when the blogosphere will see similar actions taken by Cognizant, Bearingpoint, Accenture, DiamondCluster, ThoughtWorks and so on...

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