Saturday, June 17, 2006


Thoughts on Securing our Border

The United States will fail. We have the wrong folks coming up with the security strategy to protect America...

Us American's would like to think we are all equal to each other when it it is convenient to do so. I have always questioned why when it comes to Iraq that we always seem to have Christian Generals leading the troops when the military itself has a large enough population to choose from. Imagine if we get rid of rank and abstract authority and instead had Muslims from America in the military do the negotiation of cease fire on our troops themselves?

I guess I can get it twisted and think that I have equal capability of attending a Klu Klux Klan rally. I was actually thinking about taking horse riding lessons. For anyone who has met me in person, just because I can put on the outfit, and may even complete the race, how many folks would bet their paycheck on me winning?

We need to acknowledge at times in America that we are not all equal. There are things that I can accomplish and things were there is no chance in hell of me ever being successful.

By now, folks are already getting it twisted to think that all I am talking about is race, religion and skin color. You would be wrong. Consider for a moment one of my own personal beliefs. In my own town, I have been known to file compliants against the local police for the most minor of offenses. I kinda don't have much respect for them. They are pretty good though at writing out lots of tickets to make folks auto insurance rates go higher but not in solving obvious crimes like the gas station and the Dunkin Donuts being held up and robbed at gunpoint which it is located across the street from the police station.

I can say on the record that my personal respect for our state police is even lower. I would say though that the city of Hartford police I have the utmost respect for. They don't spend time simply enforcing laws that really don't matter (seat belt laws come to mind) but are savagely focused on things that are wrong. Just because something is against the law doesn't make it wrong!

Small town police practice a sinister form of authorative ignorance. The best way this should be countered is by encouraging them to get training. I have several friends who are corrections officers (this would have been my career in the late 80's but an IT job then payed $1K more a year) who deal with known murderers, rapists, serial killers, drug dealers every single day, face to face and are unarmed when doing so. You get smart really quick in this situation. In fact, you develop a level of smarts that the local FBI, CIA, DEA, etc can't never hope to possess. We have this same exact problem on the border...

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