Monday, June 12, 2006


Outstanding Questions for folks on my blogroll...

Busy seeking answers to questions not yet thought about by the masses...

Alan Pelz-Sharpe, I would love to understand what you believe are the ten questions that us enterprisey folk should consider when thinking about the creation of an ECI layer for enterprise content management.

James Governor, I would love to know as a customer how I can influence dominate the conversation amongst the industry analyst crowd. I am firm in my belief that the masses of analysts are doing a disservice in covering things that are meaningful to the enterprise. I am willing to put my money where my mouth is. I am game to pay for the creation of industry research in the same way that vendors do. The main problem though is not just the publication, but the broad disemination of information. For example, how do I get industry analysts to start providing amplification of problem spaces large enterprises face such as the problem space of data masking?

Yakov Fain, I apologize for not saying hi when in NYC at the conference. I guess I was slightly distracted by the sys-con staff. I suspect if you get rid of all those CTOs with thinly veiled sales presentations from the cover and instead show the staff at the desk on all your advertising, conference attendance would increase ten-fold. Those stripes were definetely distracting on day two...

J.T., you and Scott Mark have much in common. I know that you both think about frequently the notion of business rules engines yet have never talked about them in your blogs. Maybe, you could see if others within the community will start understanding this space more deeply as it provides orders of magnitude more productivity for enteprrises than approaches such as Ruby. Maybe James Robertson could also contribute his two cents.

Robert McIlree, when will you acknowledge that consulting on EA is not the same thing as practicing EA as the rest of us are in the game for the long haul. We also value the opinion of some of the folks that call us enterprisey. I must confess, I have become too enterprisey at times. Sometimes the culture of large enteprises consumes on. There is goodness in both approaches and we should figure out how to harvest the thoughts of others and put them into our own context.

Brenda Michelson, maybe you could share with us how one actually becomes an industry analyst. I know in the past, you were an enterprise architect for a major retailer. What can us enterprise architects learn from the way that industry analysts pursue their own research?

Dan Blum, you probably have never received as much client interaction and feedback on research than from me. Would it be possible for you to figure out creative ways for others to observe the client/analyst dialog in a more public fashion? What would it take for you to start blogging more frequently? Could you also add to your blogroll, all of your team's blogs?

James Strachan, ServiceMix is a kick butt enterprise service bus. I am curious why you let industry analysts get away with not comparing it directly with the likes of BEA's AquaLogic and Sonic? What are you afraid of?

Pat Patterson, what would it take for you to get Liberty Alliance to embrace the WS-Federation specification? Having federation capabilities built directly into an operating system is liberating...

Kim Cameron, I would love it if you could start talking about identity from a corporate perspective and not stay exclusively focused on consumer-centric identity. You can leave the consumer stuff to Dick Hardt...

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