Sunday, June 25, 2006


My vacation in the State of CT...

Vacationed in the lovely state of CT over the weekend and wanted to share my experience...

I vacationed in the Stamford CT area and stayed at the Stamford Marriott in which I purchased via Priceline. This hotel is expensive on weekdays but gets incredibly cheap over the weekends as this side of town is usually working class folk. Upon checking in, and getting off the elevator from the garage, there was this lady who was dressed very professional and had nice looks but was moving like she sniffed a pound of cocaine. She was with another guy whom she seemed to have some confrontation with and put powder up her nose in order to relieve her sorrow.

Anyway, on Saturday I did lunch at the Crab Shell restaurant which I remember eating there about fifteen years ago. They have the most wonderful seafood casserole on the planet. I found it interesting that the price of the dish, ingredients and size haven't changed in such a long time.

After stuffing my face, I went to the Norwalk Maritime center and checked out the aquarium. They have an awesome set of huge sea turtles and the coolest set of sharks you would ever want to see. Didn't have enough time to check out the IMAX though.

Since it was raining the entire day and there was a slight lull, I took my sons to the beach where the older one (he is four) wanted to go to the skateboard park. He hasn't really learned to skate good yet but loves the idea of doing stunts. I suspect this is because both my wife and I are big fans of Bam Margera and Johnny Knoxville and watched it alot while she was pregnant.

My son having never been on a ramp fastened his safety gear, walked up to the top of the ramp, stood up and flew down the ramp. I panicked but he actually did it successfully. First thing Monday morning, I will be pinging the folks at Schwinn to see how much they will pay for a four year old sponsorship.

Not to be left out, his younger brother, almost two grabbed the board and ran up the highest ramp they had, sat down on the board and went flying. The level of excitement that those two had and the sense of accomplishment in overcoming their fear was wonderful. This even trumped earlier in the day when they went swimming in the pool and jumped into the deep end.

We finished the day by stopping at Stew Leonards. This store rocks, although they aren't giving away as much free samples as they used to do in the past.

When I get home, I have to follow up with a posting to Chris Petrilli, James Robertson and Scott Mark on topics that I owe them a response on...

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