Thursday, June 08, 2006


Last one out of Mexico, turn off the lights...

Don't get it twisted, George Bush and his proposed "guest worker" plan of amnesty for illegal immigrants is not designed with the best interests of either the undocumented or bona find United States citizens in mind...

Ever notice how no CEO of any large enterprise has ever commented on illegal immigration? George Bush is taking care of providing them with an uninterrupted supply of cheap labor. This "scheme" relies on the specious argument that illegals are only taking jobs that nobody else wants, conveniently ignoring the fact that the only reason nobody wants those jobs is because they pay so little.

Jobs that pay little are because employers are able to run around existing state and federal regulations by hiring folks too afraid of deportation to assert any expectations of enjoying a living wage. This is the same pattern that our friends from India enjoyed several years ago when they came to America to take our jobs within IT. They were rewarded by consulting firms with the notion of bench pay and other priveleges not usually talked about in public.

If Mexican's learn how to follow the same exploitative path that folks from India enjoyed, one of them will step up and help exploit their own people and get rich by doing so.

From an economic perspective, there is one aspect of the argument that absolutely confuses me. If we don't have the money to build a very tall fence, then that also means that we could not find the case for the legal expense of millions of individual deportation hearings. I haven't heard any law firm step up either to assist in protecting America.

One of the ways that most American's get this issue twisted is that they are practicing a sub-conscious form of racism. No one ever targets illegal Europeans that are here in America. Yes, the number is quite small but the point is in equal enforcement of the law regardless of where one originates from.

Actually, to get my own biases on the table. If I were King of the United States, I probably wouldn't bother the immigrants from Mexico or at least they wouldn't be my top priority. I would first start with eliminating illegal immigrants from the various Caribbean islands such as Jamaica, Dominican Republic and Trinidad.

Part of the issue that I often hear is the issue of Spanish and how Mexican's don't want to adopt our language. Folks from Jamaica speak English yet at times tend to adopt a cultural stance that is equally challenging to the American way of life. One habit that I would put into law immediately for this demographic is that in these countries it is socially acceptable to use your yard as a storage area. If you go to many of the Caribbean islands, you will notice that houses don't have garages and therefore they may store old non-working cars in their yards.

Unfortunately, they are bringing these habits here. I would love to see deportation of anyone that brings this specific habit to America regardless of whether they are here legally or not. Hey, immigration can I provide you with some addresses of folks in my neighborhood that have this habit?

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