Monday, June 26, 2006


Enterprise Architecture Manifesto

0.742 of the Enterprise Architecture Manifesto...

1. Governance is all about changing the behavior of an enterprise and should never be mistaken for a financial control.

2. The Enterprise Architecture team should evolve the EA discipline if current practices stand in the way of being fully effective.

3. Enterprise architecture as a discipline exists to enable the strategic intent of the business and is not about software development, project management

4. The best way to evolve enterprise architecture is via face to face conversations. Not only with IT and business executives, but with folks in other enterprises.

5. Enterprise architecture is not about Powerpoint, regurgitating industry analyst research, putting processes in place for standards, or constantly repeating IT should align with the business along with other cliche phrases. It is about creating a framework in which decisions can occur in a thoughtful informed manner.

6. There is no one definition of enterprise architecture as it has to emerge on a local scale. This however is no excuse to not learn from others.

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