Sunday, June 04, 2006


Enterprise Architecture: Evaluating Enterprise Applications

On Tuesday, I will be speaking at the SOA Web Services Edge Conference in New YOrk City...

CIOs are seeking to reduce the risk associated with investing in mission-critical enterprise applications and gain control over how vendor offerings are evaluated and selected. IT investments are no longer allowed to fail and must work correctly the first time.

In the presentation, I will discuss practical considerations surrounding evaluating enterprise applications and provide alternative approaches based on principles within the Agile Manifesto.

Currently, most agilists apply the principles to software development which ignores the macro trend that enterprises are now following: The infamous buy vs build. The goal of my session will be to help other enterprise architects walk away with a framework for conducting evaluations of both packaged solutions and in-house developed systems that will work in an efficient disciplined manner.

The contents of the presentation are based on a methodology created by my fellow peers and has been successfully implemented in other Fortune 500 enterprises. As you are aware, people over process is vital to the success of any IT undertaking and I look forward to networking with others in hopes of making other enterprises as agile as the one I work for.

I also look forward to meeting up with several industry analysts that are savage in the pursuit of research into agile methods. I wonder what the founding members of the Agile Alliance could learn from how people are extending their original thinking to fit their own needs.

I suspect that there will be many vendors in attendance for this session as they will learn a ton about ways to sell and things to avoid in selling to large enterprises. Anyway, this conference has some of the most prominent industry thought leaders and bloggers on the planet. If you don't walk away with new insights, then you must be an idiot. You are probably one if you haven't already registered...

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