Friday, June 09, 2006


Enterprise Architects who blog...

Figured I would share something that I learned today in hopes that others can help me encourage other enterprisey folk to blog...

At work, I had the opportunity to chat with our folks in media relations. One of the things that they do is monitor the Internet to see what types of things are being said about the company.

Yesterday, my old blog at ITToolbox in which I haven't used in over a year hit their tool due to a comment that someone left in my blog mentioning my employer's name.

The folks in media relations know that I blog and that I even include the URL of my blog on all of the public presentations that I give at various industry conferences of which they review in advance. Likewise, I have never attempted to hide whom my employer is as whenever you read any book or magazine article, it is usually contained within my bio.

In order for the blogosphere to thrive, it requires the full participation of consultants, industry analysts and even us enterprisey folk. Since corporations are moving towards using tools such as these it becomes important to not mention employer names especially in situations where it is superfluous.

Out of curiousity I decided to search my own blog for mention of keywords my employer looks for and have found that my most favorite bloggers: James Governor and Brenda Michelson were actually the two biggest offenders. As industry analysts, maybe they could add this particular scenario to their research and share it with others.

Of course some folks reading this blog may get it twisted and think that I am being censored or got my hand slapped. Nothing could be further from the truth. The real issue I would like to avoid is having to be in a situation of spending time explaining blogging to folks who have to read these notifications which takes away time from me participating in the community.

Likewise, I am a firm believer in that all forms of moderation are evil. This may force me to edit/change/censor folks postings that do mention it. I suspect there will be an idiot or two that will of course post just to cause me extra work but I guess they have too much time on their hands and are simply practicing a form of jealousy.

I would also ask that you extend the same courtesy to other bloggers who work for large enterprises such as Knowledge Crisis, Scott Mark, Charles Betz and others.

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