Saturday, May 13, 2006


Why NSA spying doesn't matter...

There has been lots of talk in the blogosphere regarding the NSA keeping track of American's and the phone calls they make. In all reality, this doesn't really matter...

If you are so paranoid about George Bush listening to your wife and her friends talk about buying panties at Victoria's Secret then switch to Qwest, the one major phone company that had the integrity to resist government pressure.

For those who are technologists and even have one scintilla of knowledge of databases would understand that it would take at least three things in order for the government to do anything useful with all the information they have collected. First, they would need to stop hiring losers who aren't capable of working in large enterprises or even small software companies. Two, they would need to stop hiring CIOs based on political influence or any form of influence for that matter and start getting real leadership in key positions. The notion of strong technical leadership is missing in action in the federal government. Three, the government needs to throw out many of the insulting firms they use to create systems.

Actually, the government would also be better served if they stopped listening to many of the industry analysts that give motherhood and apple pie advice to them. Anyway, I suspect there will be many lawsuits emerging suing George Bush for violating our rights. Sadly, you can't sue someone for being an idiot.

Anyway, it didn't take long for the telcos to start seeing lawsuits. Feels like an opportunity to enter some short orders on Ameritrade before the market opens...

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