Wednesday, May 03, 2006


Recent Thoughts on Podcasting

Been noodling several thoughts on podcasting and wanted the opinion of others...

My first thought is that folks in the enterprise aren't podcasting. If you visit sites such as IT Conversations they are pretty much filled with speakers that are either consultants with something to sell or CTO's of software companies with something to sell. What would happen if enterprise folks who have nothing to sell started podcasting?

I was noodling asking all of the bloggers on my blogroll if they would be game to participate in an interview conducted by yours truly on problems faced by the enterprise. I would love to know what questions you think I should ask of them? Was thinking about starting this series with a dialog with my fellow blogger Knowledge Crisis.

I was also checking out Scott Mark and his recent podcast with the folks over at Redmonk and found it worthy of your attention. I was thinking to myself that the interaction was too cordial. I tend to religiously read the blogs of Rage Boy of ClueTrain Manifesto fame and would be curious to see if I could get him to interview James Governor of Redmonk. This would be unlike any podcast done anywhere on the planet...

Anyway, I am surprised that James Governor didn't have any commentary on Rageboy's observation of the industry analyst community here...

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