Tuesday, May 02, 2006


The proper perspective on Immigration Reform

Many bloggers have posted on the topic of immigration reform (too many to list but I will ping them to let them know the error of their ways) and pretty much all of them have gotten it twisted. Pay attention to what real immigration reform should feel like...

The media is still presenting a one-sided view where they are of the belief that "hispanics" support the legalization of illegal immigrants. Nothing could be further from the truth. For example, there are more "hispanics" that actually support federal legislation (HR 4437) than those who are opposed but they simply aren't permitted their time to speak about it.

The main problem is the word "hispanic" and how it is overloaded. Those from Mexico tend to have a different perspective than those from say Puerto Rico. Maybe us American's who believe that reform is in order should first attempt to get those in the media to stop overloading the word.

Others have talked about the fact that republican's have no balls because they believe that illegals one day may become voters and will choose them. The funniest thing is that this simply isn't backtestable. I suspect it will be difficult to turn marchers into voters. After all, only 1/3 of the population even bothers to vote for the president. The masses legal or illegal simply don't care.

Michelle Malkin is especially evil in that she made it a point to show pictures of protesters with banners of Che as if he would have supported such an initiative. Someone needs to post her latest phone number on the Internet again.

I have several questions for those who support illegal immigration:

For the record, I can say that I am disgusted with my fellow American's on this issue. Several years ago, there was a Million Man March that targeted wanted child molesters yet the media didn't say a word. Maybe folks need to consider organizing a boycott within their individual communinities that support illegal trespassers.

I suspect most folks will get it twisted, so therefore I have decided to start my own protest. I will be carrying a banner on Saturday and will be in front of one of my relative's restaurant on Park Street (Aqui Me Quedo). Hopefully I can get my other relatives to also protest...

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