Monday, May 22, 2006


Enterprises 1, Industry Analysts 0

In a previous blog entry I asked for the assistance of the industry analyst community to wire me up with PC manufacturers in hopes that one or two of them may donate PCs for a project I am working on with inner-city children. None of them stepped up to the plate. Luckily a large enterprise did...

Cigna stepped up to the plate and bought seven brand-new laptops (Dell) with all the software we would ever need. They found within their own corporate policies that they couldn't give away all the PCs they had coming off the books and were sitting idle in storage do to concerns around information protection and simply found it easier to buy news ones. Kudos to the folks over at Cigna for not only stepping up but doing so quickly and without reservation.

Hopefully though I am still digging at the policies of several enterprises that have older machines as I think there is merit in making the program even bigger. I am of the belief that we may be able to get more PCs from enterprises if they simply remove the hard drives and we can find an industry analyst that could wire me up with the right contacts from Maxtor, Seagate, etc to donate some hard drives.

Our local Microsoft account rep stated to me yesterday during a conference call that it wouldn't be a problem for Microsoft to contribute licenses for Windows XP and Office for this project. I guess Microsoft has a strong sense of charity.

Does anyone have a sense of how charitable Oracle, BEA and Sun are in this regard?

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