Tuesday, May 30, 2006


Enterprise Architecture: Pay attention to these web 2.0 sites

Many of us enterprisey folks are busy shutting down internal conversations by circulating industry analyst reports that don't show the entire picture. Imagine the day when industry analyst reports contain recommendations that include non-commercial open source software next to proprietary closed source offerings. Hopefully though enterprise architects are smart enough to figure out on their own what is missing and have looked at viable candidates in the portal space such as Liferay Enterprise Portal.

I wonder though if folks within the enterprise start adopting open source portals and enterprise service bus products such as ServiceMix are they stuck in 1.0 land...

Web 2.0 for the most part eschews portals which puts many of the large software vendors in a dilemma since they really can't do chock-a-block eye candy Powerpoint presentations for all the folks in the enterprise who don't do their own homework. Anyway, for those that do, I figured I would construct a list of some useful web 2.0 sites that are worthy of enterprise attention.

Basecamp is a unique project collaboration tool. Projects don't fail from a lack of charts, graphs, or reports, they fail from a lack of communication and collaboration. Basecamp makes it simple to communicate and collaborate on projects.

Central Desktop
Central Desktop is ideal for teams and businesses that operate in distributed locations or virtual office environments.

30 boxes
Shared public calendaring system that demostrates advanced using of AJAX.

James Governor of Redmonk fame turned me onto this site. Imagine being able to build database applications via a browser.

ESBN is a web 2.0 Copyright and DRM solution. An Electronic Standard Book Number (ESBN) is the unique identifier of electronic content and media. ESBNs are recognized worldwide by electronic publishing companies and electronic content providers. ESBNs are simple and quick to generate and serve as branded identifier or copyright for individuals or companies developing electronic content and media.

Flickr - almost certainly the best online photo management and sharing application in the world - has two main goals: 1. To help people make their photos available to the people who matter to them. 2. To enable new ways of organizing photos.

Google Maps
Maps are great for getting around, but online maps could be a lot better. So Google decided to make dynamic, interactive maps that are draggable — no clicking and waiting for graphics to reload each time you want to view the adjacent parts of a map.

Omnidrive is what you expect hosted storage to be - easy to use, accessible from anywhere and unrestrictive. Omnidrive will make your life easier by allowing you to store, access and stream your files from almost any web connected platform. Of course though, you shouldn't put data that contains personally identifiable information on public servers.

Push CRM
Low cost CRM system that makes a great replacement for Act, Goldmine and similar fat client CRM oriented products.

16 Bugs
Pretty decent bug tracking software that is incredibly useful in outsourcing situations. We know that folks in india don't know how to code as well as us Americans, so this is highly useful.

Writely allows you to edit documents online with whomever you choose, and then publish and blog them online.

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