Sunday, April 09, 2006


Thoughts on Immigration Reform

Immigration reform is top of mind in the news now so I figured I would share my own thinking in this regard borrowing the thoughts of Alexander Muse in a Creative Commons approach...

Since we as Americans have supported legislation backing the notion of free trade within North America, my thinking extends exclusively to folks from this origin which includes Central American countries (e.g. Costa Rica, Honduras, Nicaraqua, etc), the Caribbean countries (e.g. Jamaica, Trinidad, Barbados, Antigua, etc) and of course Mexico which should get special consideration since they border us.

If I were not only President of the United States and crowned as worshipful master and illustrious potentate, I would allow folks from the above to work and live freely in the United States under the following circumstances:

The main problem is that there aren't enough penalties for employers who hire illegal immigrants. So I propose the following:

Now for the all the exception to the rules...
Folks from these countries will not be allowed to participate unless people from these countries volunteer their services to reduce the number.

Folks from these countries have in the past been provided with mechanisms whether political amnesty, H1Bs or other means to have provided them with an unbalanced chance of entering the United States over citizens of other countries.

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