Sunday, April 30, 2006


How come Industry Analysts never give this advice to software companies?

Today, I visited Bernies because they had a special sale for employees of large enterprises where we could buy anything with an additional 12% discount. I wonder if this model could also apply to software companies?

For books, The Pearson Group allows employees of large enterprises to buy books cheaper than found on Amazon. Sears, stays open a couple of times throughout the year and gives an additional 10% discount and even many of the local retailers provide various discounts in order to attract large groups.

The best discount though absolutely has to be Bob Stores where they give a huge 30% off all purchases three times a year to folks employed by large enterprises.

I wonder what would happen if say Symantec, Dell, Apple and Compusa where to give 20% discounts off current pricing to those employed by enterprises with more than 1,000 people? Would they gain more sales opportunities above and beyond the cost of the discounts?

Why aren't industry analysts providing creative suggestions to consumer-oriented software companies and how they can attract larger demographics?

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