Friday, April 28, 2006


Deja Vu: James McGovern Remixed

Today, I took my son to register for Kindergarten in the fall. He will be attending the same school that I did thirty years ago...

It is kinda weird to step foot into a place where you haven't been in a long time. I remember the school being a lot bigger than it actually is. The very first room I entered was the school gym in which I have vivid memories of. I used to be pretty good at climbing ropes and noted that they were no longer there. I am not sure if I remember the gym because this is my first memory of competition in that there was only one other kid that was faster up the ropes than me in that he could climb without using his legs or was it the fact that one day I descended the rope to fast and broke a toe and was the first time I had an x-ray?

Anyway, my son preceeded down the hallway introducing himself to all the teachers who passed by. Upon entering the school's office, I noticed a familar face and I introduced myself. I was esctatic to see that the same gym teacher I had in school was still there (Hi Mr Everin). Other than a little bit of gray, he looks exactly the same.

I have heard horror stories from other coworkers and the stuff not taught in school nowadays especially in gym class. One coworker who is a Marine and wrestling coach at a high school in another town mentioned that their school system, kids don't do dodgeball or any other event where there is the potential outcome for a kid to feel like a loser. Instead they do inane events that allows all kids to participate and everyone can feel like a winner. I wish corporate America worked like this but it doesn't.

Anyway, seeing an old school gym teacher made me feel at ease. He told me that while they remodeled the gym, they still had the ropes and that they were simply placed on the stage. He keeps it real....

Nowadays, many of America's youth, especially those who immigrate from countries such as India don't know how to get busy. American kids are not only losing advantage when it comes to intellectual pursuits but also physical ones. My son, has mastered the Iron Fist technique and his younger brother has a pretty powerful Club Foot, so they know how to open can's of whoop ass for Bin Laden or anyone else that gets it twisted and set trips in America.

On first impression, it seems as if the school still has its act together. My wife and I debated the merits of attending a public school over choosing a private one like so many of my peers have. I have figured out that learning is neither reduced nor accelerated solely based on the credentials of the person teaching but on the student's desire to consume. My son will be savage in learning, whooping ass and most importantly interacting with folks who keep it real.

Next month, they will be having a special event for the parents to meet the teachers. I hope to share what I learn in this regard but got the sense he is on his way to somewhere where I could have only dreamed of when I was coming up...

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