Saturday, March 11, 2006


When Open Source becomes evil!

Was thinking about a previous post on Identity when I realized I did something that was on the surface aligned with one aspect of my belief system but diametrically opposed to another...

I originally mentioned Project Higgins as being a good thing but now figured it is actually evil. Kim Cameron who was brilliant in thinking about Infocard and the problems it solves for consumers and even us folks in large enterprises should be supported by all.

The whole idea was to come up with one identity ecosystem that would work for multiple parties. The open source community automatically took the notion of one identity ecosystem and pissed on it and decided to come up with their own. From what I understand, the community didn't attempt to figure out how to make the original Infocard idea better just merely different.

I have always stated in public that I support open source but I also support any company that innovates and Microsoft seems to be doing a damn good job at it lately. Why can't the open source community simply acknowledge what is good about Infocard and seek to port it to non-Microsoft platforms. There are no licensing constraints that get in the way.

There are few areas in the open source thinking that I am opposed to their thinking when it comes to some products. If the goal is one identity ecosystem, I really don't desire someone to have the freedom of downloading code and "tweaking it" to their needs. This mindset immediately will cause the fat failure of an identity ecosystem.

What does it take for open source folks to focus on the right problem spaces? How about extending ServiceMix to become the best Enterprise Service Bus on the planet? How about getting others in large enterprises to see the value of running on Liferay Enterprise Portal.

The open source community shouldn't be so close minded...

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