Sunday, March 26, 2006


Spring, Mule and the ESB

Was searching the Internet for upcoming conferences when I came across one topic from a past session that caught my attention...

Justin Gehtland describes in a session what it means to build an ESB, and how to do it with open source technologies: Spring, Mule (from Codehaus) and Rails. We'll see the messaging layers, the integration of Spring and Mule, and a little cross-platform goodness just for good measure. He shows how to build an actual Enterprise Service Bus from the ground up using Spring, Mule and just a touch of Ruby.

In reading his blog, I found that he is very knowledgable and thoughtful. I am curious though as to what other definitions are out there for enterprise service bus and showing someone how to build one during a conference session is a good idea? I have found that in my own travels, I couldn't get a definition for what an ESB as it would consume hours. I would love to hear a podcast of this presentation.

Curious though, why anyone would want to know how to build and ESB when you can simply download one that is of higher quality that one that throwns in a touch of Ruby. I wonder why others aren't blogging on ServiceMix. It is the only ESB, open source or otherwise that runs on 384 CPUs.

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