Friday, March 24, 2006


Software Security Specialist

Figured I would take the opportunity to post a wonderful job opportunity for a savvy software developer that is interested in working for a large enterprise writing security-oriented code. The right candidate will have the following background:

- Ideally has developed enterprise software in several languages
- Has been an IT professional for at least ten years
- Absolutely loves to code and doesn't have an interest in moving into management (at least in the short-term)
- May want to develop open source software as part of their day job (not guaranteed but good probability)
- Wants the safety of a large enterprise while not being caught up in corporate bureaucracy
- Degrees don't matter, but strong work ethic does
- Not only any form of VISA since we do not sponsor
- Can pass a reasonable background check
- May travel a total of ten miles one every other month to visit a satellite location

If you are interested in this position, please leave a comment...

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