Friday, March 17, 2006


Outstanding Questions on Mainframes and Open Source

The open source community seems fixated on GNU/Linux and Windows platforms due to their popularity. Was always curious why folks aren't focusing open source efforts towards mainframes...

Anyway, I have the below questions. Hopefully someone in the blogosphere may know the answer.

1. Does Ruby run on Z/OS? If not, anyone game to work with me to port it? Hopefully, if we port it, the folks in the media will tell the story of how open source can also be created by folks who work in large enterprises and not just software vendors.

2. Continuing the above thought, there are many folks on Wall Street that are working on an open source equivalent of MQ Series. Would be curious to know what industry analysts think of this effort? Would also love to know if it possible for a traditional end-user client of an analyst firm to create software and get it on a quadrant without having to become a software vendor?

3. Does anyone know of any open source equivalents to RACF? Ideally looking for something that plugs into the SAF interface.

4. When will EnterpriseDB run on Z/OS (other than on Linux on the host) or for that matter MySQL?

5. Anyone know of a COBOL SOAP stack? Not interested in all those fancy integration products

6. Any thoughts on how to integrate SXORE and/or Infocard with RACF?

7. As I understand, the Mono Project now runs on the mainframe. Should folks in the enterprise consider running .NET applications there?

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