Thursday, March 23, 2006


Open Sourcing Enterprise Architecture

Yesterday at work, I visited our media relations department pitching an idea on how I wanted to externalize a strategy I have been working on in the security space. Awhile back, I blogged on Sharing IT Security Innovations but it was my original thought that I would share it with industry analysts and many of the key software and consulting vendors we worked with. My contact suggested that I change my presentation slightly and figure out how to share it with a few other large enterprises (no NDA required).

If you are an Enterprise Architect, Chief Security Officer or CIO/CTO and currently employed in a full-time capacity (not a consultant) to a Fortune 500 enterprise in any of the below listed industry verticals, I would like the opportunity to share it with you. Please leave a comment along with your work email address (I will not consider responses from non-work addresses).

In the future, I will expand out my sharing to folks outside of these verticals...

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