Monday, March 20, 2006


Enterprise Architecture 2.0 and its value proposition

Ran across a wonderful article by Mike Edwards who is an Enterprise Architect consultant in the UK. Figured I would share portions of it that aligned with Enterprise Architecture 2.0...

At every step we must leap, run and change direction, all while communicating EA-centered values

Each incoming executive needs to make his or her career-enhancing mark, and will do so by way of innovation and change. Micro-visions and empires flourish but die over a short time space, whilst technologies change and enable new value and new capabilities that were un-thought-of 12 months previously

We should begin to think of EA as a State of Mind - a cultural awareness, spirituality if you will, that does not have to even be known as Enterprise Architecture

The answer lies with the strategic thinkers in an organization. Savvy strategist realize that their view of the world is not fully appreciated by all. They know that it is not necessary to make everyone fully understand EA in order for EA to succeed. However, it is necessary to find the motivators that each stakeholder needs to succeed in their own area and to marry these motivators together.

To summarize, the key principles of value within Enterprise Architecture 2.0...

1. Always know your architecture's purpose at any point in time.

2. Always know how the architecture's stakeholder users are and what they want from it.

3. Have the ability to measure architecture in order to derive its value - whether that is in terms of cost, time, risk-scoring, resource needs or other metrics.

4. Promote the value of architecture rather than the vision of EA. Promote it by way of motivating stakeholders to participate.

5. Let the Nirvana of an EA culture by way of the success of value-oriented architectures. Actions speak louder than words.

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