Wednesday, March 15, 2006


Declarative Living and Podcasting

Was thinking about something said by James Governor and figured I would make an attempt at becoming more transparent...

This week, I was literally contacted by two different parties who wanted me to participate in podcasting. Was thinking that it would be wonderful if my favorite analysts Brenda, Dan and Michael could all start podcasting on the human aspects of the enterprise. Guess I have to start the revolution and allow others to emulate...

Anyway, I had the following thoughts on some topics that I would love to cover in a podcast below:

1) How I got started in technology?
2) What is SOA?
3) How has Open Source leveled the playing field in SOA?
4) What is the role of IT analysts?
5) Which Open Source projects should enterprises seriously consider?
6) Why agile software development may no longer matter but agile enterprise architecture does?
7) Ways to outsource and still remain patriotic?
8) The value proposition to large enterprises on not only using but contributing to open source?
9) An enterprise perspective on federated identity?
10) How to insource when outsourcing fails?
11) Why the Federal Government will never truly get enterprise architecture?
12) Thoughts on Enterprise Architecture 2.0?
13) Compliance Oriented Architectures 2.0 and beyond?

If folks here have additional thoughts on topics, please do not hesitate to leave a comment. In the meantime, I have decided to take an additional step in terms of being transparent. For the remainder of the week, I figured I would continue my six-month blogging every single day streak with something thoughtful and increase my thoughtfulness to two postings.

Stay tuned...

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