Monday, March 06, 2006


Agile Orchestration with Leadership

Sean Goggins noted architect wrote a good blog entry connecting agile orchestration with leadership that I think others should consider...

Double loop learning, the agile movement in software engineering and what we know about stupidity in business lead me to the concept of "Agile Orchestration".

What can you do? Emphasis on you - because leadership starts with a few individual acts. Here's my list for action.
1. Speak truth. Seriously. No amount of poor management can overcome truth, and by speaking it you will be helping to drive up the level of discourse in your shop - Up toward a place where double loop learning is possible. One caveat - Speaking truth is different than demonstrating and hilighting your own work. It is not self-focused, but team focused. Otherwise, it's just egotism.

2. Do good work. This can be hard if you're being asked to execute under difficult circumstances. At the end of the day, individuals are still required to make organizations great, and your contribution is good work.

3. Support the leaders that have guts. Most of life in a technology organization is about making other people successful. You have a choice about whom you help make successful. Leaders with guts encourage double loop learning - Help them succeed, and your organization will follow.

I think the last point resonates with me the most. How many enterprise architects make it a point to support their leaders (distinct concept from managers)? Maybe support is all that is required to move from good to great...

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