Monday, February 13, 2006


Thoughts on an Islamic Prophet...

I respect Muslims and any religion that acknowledges there is just but one God. I also have respect for free speech and not letting free speech be controlled by terror. I believe the Danish people should be proud to freely speak their minds, and I hope they do not let the terrorists take that right from them. Nobody is above any other person, and that includes Muslims, so they need to accept the world will insult them just as freely as they will respect them. Likewise, freedom comes with rights and responsibilities and American's should seriously consider not focusing on the former but the latter...

Society is the extension of the individual. If the individual is covetous, cruel, uncompassionate, selfish, etc., so will society be like that. It is necessary to be sincere with oneself. Each of us is degenerate and therefore society has to inevitably be degenerate. This cannot be solved by the terrible monster of materialism.

Society has went astray by attempting to remove something that cannot be removed. One can attempt to hide God from society but this will always result in failure. Maybe instead of spreading ignorance in our churches, schools and workplaces we would instead take deliberate action not only to understand diversity but to practice it.

It is funny and also disgusting at the same time that I hear so many otherwise intelligent individuals repeating ignorance. So many are quick to repeat what their pastor, priest, rabbi or imam may have stated about another religion yet never took the time to inquire whether they have actually visited another holy place of worship.

As for me, I am not catholic (and have zero intention to be) but have embraced many of its principles. The first time I ever set place in a catholic place of worship was in 1985 when I was in the Coast Guard. At the time I did find it kinda interesting to see that the majority didn't understand Latin but yet still attended. I parallel this thought with the last time I set foot into a masjid where the kutbah was given in Arabic and more folks understood.

The last time I set foot into catholic house of worship (Saint Lawrence O'Toole on New Britain Avenue) wasn't that long ago. I am the God Father of a beautiful young girl named Latifah who was baptized there. Her father passed away several years before as he was shot and killed in Springfield because the shooter thought he was from a rival gang.

It doesn't take much effort to donate to a charity of your own religion. Any mindless idiot can do such a thing. It takes a real, genuine, human desire to make a difference to consider charities that help others. If you are of the Jewish faith and reading this blog, I ask you to consider donating to the Palestine Red Crescent Society. Likewise, if you are catholic or hindu, you may want to consider donating to: Direct Relief. If you happen to be of the Islamic faith, maybe you may want to consider a donation to this Jewish charity...

You may have noticed that I intentionally didn't mention my own faith as this is unimportant. What is important is that I believe in one God, I beleive in charity, I believe in fasting, I believe in all the prophets. Maybe you should think not about what you believe your label to be but what you truly believe in.

For those who will get it twisted, let me tell you a little bit more about my background. I can say that I am somewhat unique and blessed in that I have family members who are Catholic, Jehovah's Witness, Baptist, Muslim and Hindu. I can say that I have family members that are Black, White, Hispanic, Native American and Indian. I can say that I have read cover-to-cover, the Bible and Holy Quran along with early Vedas and there is no conflict in them. Only those who seek conflict can twist words into discrepancies.

If we really want a radical change, if we want a better world, we need to change individually, to change our inner beings, to alter within our own individuality the abominable factors which produce misery and pain in the world. Let us remember that the mass is a sum of individuals. The world is the individual. If the individual fundamentally changes, the world will inevitably change. Consciousness is in serious danger. It is only by radically transforming ourselves as individuals, that we can save ourselves and save humankind.

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