Sunday, February 19, 2006


Successful Enterprise Architecture

Been noodling what it means to be successful and whether I view myself that way. My definition of success is: To work with people whom you like and respect, in a role that plays to your natural strengths, in an area that you are genuinely interested in...

A common question about leadership is whether leaders are born or bred. My experience leads me to conclude that leadership can, in fact, be learned. Of course, certain folk who are born with the natural charisma gene of which I wasn't. My mentor always tells me to find someone who can become your bearingpoint.

During our last conversation, my mentor and I discussed how Jack Welsh is a great leader. He was of the belief that Jack was only successful because the culture allowed him to be and it wouldn't be possible to emulate Jack within our company. In fact, he predicted it would result in failure.

I would love to hear from other enterprise architects that have figured out the secret sauce to success within their own enterprise. For me, maybe my real problem is that I am not interested in climbing the corporate ladder. In all reality, I want the corporate elevator. If I can't have that then I tend not to bother. Maybe I will have to get in line and wait my turn...

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