Friday, February 17, 2006


So exactly what is thought leadership?

The name of my blog has the notion of thought leadership within its title. On several occasions, I have provided definition for it in the past but figured I would revisit it...

Masood Mortazavi in his blog provided an interesting take on thought leadership:
"Thought leadership" is about leading through a mostly solitary activity that has been had. We have had some thoughts, at best involving a small clique of people, and then we go out and try to "lead" with those thoughts.

Likewise he also provided a definition of dialog leadership:

"Dialog leadership" is about creating opportunities to think together creatively and to learn from each other.

I tend to focus more on the former since I am of the belief that this is more lacking in society as far as the content of my own blog is concerned. Does blogging in of itself allow one to also start a dialog so that I am in all reality in both courts?

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