Friday, February 24, 2006


Governance by suggestion...

A coworker made an interesting comment in the hallway several days ago regarding the real intent of governance that I thought was worth sharing...

What is the eternal destiny of the enterprise? Does bad governance result in more outsourcing? You don't know but that you may become unemployed any day. Outsourcing and its effect on American jobs is always written from a capitalists eternal perspective doesn't deny your experience.

Although outsourcing and bad governance are predestined does not allow you to take short cuts to whatever the ultimate destiny is. The spirit of good governance requires you must move forward from where you stand.

"Governing" is not equivalent in meaning to "determining". The laws of physics are said to govern the behavior of matter. Does this governance fail or does it determine that diamonds are harder than soap stone? Is this governance by suggestion, like our speed limit signs?

Governance when thought about in an IT context is thought about as financial controls. When thinking in this manner, opportunities to move jobs out of the economy prevails and everyone loses. Of course we can rationalize that outsourcing is good for the economy. But those who truly understand economics, will conclude that rationalization is a trap!

Some folks may think that I am against outsourcing. This is both true and false at the same time. For the record, I am against outsourcing to India but not against outsourcing to say Trinidad. My position is based on economics not suggestions. I know that if $1 leaves the United States more than $1 will come back to the United States for other goods. In Trinidad, they don't make their own cars, many agricultural products and so on as they are directly purchased from the United States. The same thing can't be said of India...

I wonder if IT executives understand that governance is really about changing behavior?

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