Tuesday, January 03, 2006


Liberty Alliance: XACML?

Been busy thinking more about XACML and JBI and am curious if anyone else has asked the following questions?

Awhile back, I blogged about J2EE and XACML and am of the belief that XACML should become tightly integrated into the J2EE specification. Essentially, all EJB properties would become XACML attributes. User identity would become a subject. You could even define EJB deployment descriptors using XACML syntax.

Not that I would expect Kim Cameron of Microsoft thinking about how to integrate identity and InfoCards into the EJB specification, but I do hope that Pat Patterson is? Will the Liberty Alliance also embrace XACML and conduct interoperability testing and come up with profiles?

I think I understand why some major vendors haven't been backing JBI? I believe it may actually replace EJB as a specification putting lots vendors architectures obsolete. Is anyone working on identity with JBI?

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