Tuesday, December 13, 2005


Enterprise Architecture and Analyst Relations

Was thinking that maybe all of my frustrations related to the industry analyst community is due to the fact that most enterprise architects think of the relationship as one way...

When large enterprises started purchasing industry analyst research several years ago, they really weren't interested in understanding whether information was accurate or even credible. They simply were overwhelmed with the myriad of choices that new technologies such as Client / Server and the Internet brought about. They looked to the analyst community for direction. Any direction!

Nowadays, analysts are not be used to guide high level "strategy" but surgically to assist in providing strategic competitive advantage to the enterprise. Analysts in order to provide value to the enterprise, first need to deeply understand the problems that enterprises are facing. Many analyst firms only have an eye on the problems enterprise architects face through the eyes of software vendors. While it is interesting to be able to have a piece of software that can solve every possible problem on the planet, reality dictates that that approach simply isn't sustainable.

It takes a lot of effort to maintain a relationship with a software vendor and having hundreds of them in a large enterprise simply isn't sustainable. Enterprises nowadays are attempting to consolidate the amount of vendors they do business with in order to bring sanity to the process. This serves as an introduction to how to work with the analyst community:

My list is by no means complete and I will even disclaim there are several situations in which I will disclaim my own recommendations but for the most part they hold true. One alternative perspective I have is that sometimes enterprises don't really want unbiased industry analysis. Sometimes lack of bias can help us more quickly reach consensus and deliver valuable work.

Anyway, I leave you with several interesting blog entries in this space:

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