Thursday, December 22, 2005


Alternative Thinking on Business Rules Approaches

For enterprises who are intrigued by use of business rules approaches, may have already figured out that the industry analyst community has somewhat left their quest for knowledge unfulfilled. Coverage of vendors in this space including the likes of iLog, Blaze Advisor and others is simply lacking. I wonder if there are any analyst firms with integrity that cover this space and I am simply not familiar with their offerings...

One notion that is on my radar is the notion of event stream processing. This seems to be something that can be used in large enterprises that need to use rules-based approaches but also need to feed their rules engines large XML documents. Rules engines can be thought of as somewhat event driven but current practice makes them somewhat DOM oriented. Newer generations are having the capability of reading streams.

Event Stream Processing, or ESP, is software technology that enables applications to monitor multiple streams of event data, analyze them in terms of key performance indicators that are expressed in event rules, and act upon opportunities and threats in real time, potentially by creating derived events, or forwarding raw events. For example, an airline might process event feeds of flight positions and weather, monitoring, constantly analyzing and looking for conditions that provoke action, such as to propose a new flight route or rebook a passenger.

There are several vendors in this space that have unique value propositions to large enterprises. The analyst that studies this space may not only have the opportunity to dominate but may have the opportunity to find additional clients in terms of software vendors. Here are some of the firms that are intriguing:

To my fellow architects in Fortune 100 enterprises, you seriously need to look at these types of technologies and ignore the hype around AJAX and Web 2.0. Focus on adding value to your business...

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